Raised of Official Fee of Indonesia

Effective July 03, 2014  a Government Regulation No. 45 year 2014 concerning Tariff came into force. Some official fees for filing Trademark, Patent and Industrial Design has increased.

Regarding trademark the point which needs to be noted is one mark application is now allowed to cover up to 10 items of goods/services. When one class consists of more than 10 items of goods/services, the same amount official fee shall be charged for the additional goods which number is not more than 10.  Multiple-class application is still possible.

Regarding patent, the official fee for filing a simple patent application has increased by 300%.  In addition, if the specification is longer than 30 pages and the application contains more than 10 claims, the cost US$ 0.50 per page and US$ 5.00 per claim shall be charged.

Apart from the above, the fee for issuing certificate is waived.  However, for amending the data in an application, due to typographical error, some cost will incur.


The New Indonesia Copyright Law

On 16 October 2014, Indonesia implemented a new Copyright Law which is replaced the Law No. 19 of Year 2002 Regarding Copyright.

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