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Mark is a sign in the form of a picture, name, word, letters, numerals, composition of colors, or a combination of said elements, having distinguishing features and used in the activities of trade in goods or services.

The current Indonesia Trademark Law is Law No. 15 Year 2001 replacing the Law No. 19 Year 1992. Indonesia adopts “first to file” system that protects those who first file a mark.

As the member of Paris Convention, Indonesia follows the Nice Classification of Goods and Services that consists of 45 classes (34 classes of goods and 11 classes of services).

Under the current Regulation, One mark application is now allowed to cover up to 10 items of goods/services. When one class consists of more than 10 items of goods/services, the same amount official fee shall be charged for the additional goods which number is not more than 10.  Multiple-class application is still possible.

Documents necessary in filing a mark application are signed Power of Attorney and Statement of Ownership. No notarization or legalization is required.

Normally, a mark application will be processed within 1 to 2 years before it matures into registration.

The validation of a registered mark is 10 years computed from filing date. It can be renewed 12 months prior to its expiry date. A registered mark can be deleted from the General Register of Marks if it has not been used for 3 consecutive years from the date of registration or from its last use.

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